A downloadable game for Windows

Take control of Ninja Star in this thrilling platformer. 
Using his gastric tether, Ninja swings from platform to platform to avoid falling into the great abyss on his adventure home. Kill enemies along the way, collect coins and avoid mines.


A & D = Left and Right movement.

Aim with the mouse.

Left Click = Tether.

Space/ Right Click = Jump (double jump after tethering).

Esc = Pause/ Display Stats/ Extra Hints and Tips.


Design & Art = Tyla

Programming = Karina

Music = Kassich - https://kassich.newgrounds.com/


This is a prototype with ambitions to include:

- More Levels

- More Enemies

- Level Editor

- Shop to unlock skins using coins collected


Super Ninja Star.zip 23 MB


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Reached 26 stars...  that's the score to beat. ;)