A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Super Batty Boy is a game about a boy who begins daydreaming while eating in the local food court after baseball practice, when he realizes he's all alone in the mall. He excitedly picks up his trusty bat and begins making the most of this rare opportunity.


By hitting items into other objects and increasing your score, you gain strength that will let you hit heavier items. Your crosshair will change green when you can hit the object.  Within 4 minutes you must destroy as much as you can while scoring the absolute best score you can. Aim for that prestigious S rank.

Controls :

W, A, S, D  =  Movement

Space  =  Jump 

Left Mouse Button  = Swing Bat


Creators - Phasor, Chris B, MSio, Skatus12

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SBB_Windows.zip 179 MB
SBB_Mac.app.zip 184 MB
SBB_Linux.zip 200 MB


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Hello person,

have you considered changing the name of your game? It may offend SJW and such.. 

Regards, your buddy



and the creator should do that why exactly? And how would it offend SJWs?