A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Harmonique Trial is an early concept developed in a short time for a class project, You control Pandy on a mini adventure to find the missing notes needed to play the tune that opens the gate to Melody Meadows. You start the game with a single note and must complete the 4 puzzle/challenges to earn the remaining notes.

Harmonique Trial is a passion project with the intention of creating a much larger 3D platformer which revolves around musical instruments and problem solving. It also features many references and throw backs to the classic 3D games of the N64 era. We have loads of ideas to expand the game and intend for each level to feature different instruments to help teach the basics of composing music and melodies. 

Please remember to rate and share the game and leave a comment with your thoughts or feedback, would love to hear what you think!

Note: The Mac and Linux builds are untested, please leave a comment if problems occur!


W,A,S,D = Movement.

Left Click = Play Current Note or Scroll Dialogue/ Text Boxes. 

(Hold) Right Click = Note Selection (release on highlighted note to select it).

Scroll Mouse Wheel = Zoom Camera In and Out.

Esc. = Pause.

Created by:

Phasor (Tyla), Skatus12 (Karina)

Music by:

Main Menu, "Magical Journey" : Kassich = https://kassich.newgrounds.com/

Credits, "Inner Beauty" : Kassich = https://kassich.newgrounds.com/

Main Theme, "Wander into Wilderness" : Slaleky = https://slaleky.newgrounds.com/

Indoor Theme, "A Homely Interior" : Alexander Emenheiser = https://ade-syndicate.newgrounds.com/


Harmonique Trial.zip 55 MB
Harmonique Trial Mac.app.zip 58 MB
Harmonique Trial linux.zip 72 MB


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Really sweet and beautiful game, I enjoyed it a lot! :)

Great, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Looking forward to seeing the panda play a harmonica. :) 


Haha a harmonica was going to be the first instrument, we'll see what people think before we expand though. Hey thanks a bunch for making the video so quick, I'm glad you figured it all out since it was hard getting blind play-testers, you went through it almost exactly as I planned in terms of design =D


Glad I could help, it was a hoot. ;) Waiting for more.