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Play as a lone astronaut abandoned on the moon whose trying to survive the incoming asteroids. Roll around on a barrel while trying to complete as many circuits of the moon as possible while trying to avoid being hit. Always roll clockwise, rolling counter clockwise will decrease your score.

Drum Roll Please! was made for the GMTK Game Jam 2018, with the theme, 'genre without mechanics'. We are a team of 2 students, this being our first game jam. We decided to go for an endless runner without the constant forward running, replacing that with a balancing act of obstacle avoiding and......well.....balancing....

Thanks to everyone who plays, remember to rate and leave comments below, feedback is much appreciated. 

Controls :

A or < arrow = Move left

D or > arrow = Move Right

Esc = Pause

Credits :

Phasor = https://www.tumblr.com/blog/developingphasor
Skatus12 = https://bearlybouncy.tumblr.com/
Music :
Kassich = https://kassich.newgrounds.com/



Drum Roll Please!.zip 21 MB


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I found the roll direction of the barrel to be very sudden. The music was also very loud and I had to turn it down with the sound mixer. Otherwise a decent simple game. 

Good luck!

Cool thanks for the feedback!